Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mikaela Shiffrin, to Tessa Worley!

The comparison here is "mostly" for the right leg both are affected but the right side boot set up is worst . On the left leg boot set up they are both more functional but still off the mark, for body alignment to the forces. However, in the right leg set up Mikaela Shiffrin, is compensating on every turn, with a stiff outside leg, less grip and more skidding. This relates to hundreds and maybe tenths of seconds per course sections.

Shiffrin in Pink!

Tessa is in Grey, and it's easy to notice the difference in boot set up between the two.  Tessa has a more bent leg with the knee slightly more angled toward teh slope and the inside boot. Shiffrin has a straighter leg, with the knee separated from the inside boot.
These photos are only "examples" of concentrated study and slow motion and stop action study, there is a definite pattern here that I have pointed out since the beginning of the season. 

 You can see there is a much closer body and ski angle on the left foot side comparison between the two skiers, which both use better. Although Tessa's right boot set up is obviously superior.

 Here again the boot tipped out, the knee is not ideal, it's a delayed engagement, however it shows the angles of the leg and boot don't match.

A fraction later, knee still out, and the leg straight. All of the arcing, craving comes late, after the gate, which has consequences for the next turn. It's these little adjustments like this, that can make it or break it for a podium, a win or a 6th place.

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Unknown said...

I was wondering if those are the same boots she uses to win all the slalom races.