Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mikaela Shiffrin struggles with her Atomic boot set up. The boots hold her back!

I'd like to thank all the coaches who have texted me and supported what they have learned from these posts. Most have acknowledged their learning of alignment and what can result from poor setups. 

Mikaela Shiffrin the best slalom skier in the world since Marlis Schild,  is struggling with her boot set up.  I know there are many skiers and coaches who want to see what is happening with Mikaela, this is just the beginning, more about this to come.
Typical example from many turns and views on her right foot. The boot angle is out relative to her knee and leg. She is also leaning away form the ski she wants to engage. Prior to this photo she was skidding across the slope, basically waiting until she could be more safe creating the holding angles for the ski she needs to arc below the gate. This is very defensive skiing. 

Here we see the same situation all the weight on the inside ski, upper body leaning and rotating. The boot shaft is still upright compared to where it should be. This set up is all wrong, three things require modification, boot cuff angle, interior changes to the boot wall, the boot has her foot and ankle totally locked up. 

The left foot turn is not much better but, this is more of an under the boot canting issue.

Leaning away from the ski shows a definite lack of trust in what that ski will do,  hold too much or skid, possibly hook up way to hard.

Even below the gate on almost every right foot turn, and the camera angles were not ideal for  many turns to demonstrate what she was having to do to make the gates. She was jacked over, skidding, leaning, rotating. This is not her skiing this is adapting to a bad boot set up.

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Brent Hansen said...

Such a nightmare. This nasty lateral overcanting never seems to go away. I see 10 to 20 racers and regular skiers that are set up this way every season.Somehow people seem to think you can gain edging advantage without the unnatural forces that happen because of it. Reality- skiing alignment should be mostly neutral like any other sport. Good eye, Harold.