Saturday, November 5, 2016

USSA Development in real trouble! Poor skiing in racer development, and it's getting worse.

My yearly USSA Update:

And every year I see the same things, only they are getting worse, not better. As you know this isn't the first time I have brought this up as a topic of conversation.

I have no good news from watching the PSIA Crew (Demo Team, Examiners and DCLs, no difference between there skiing these days, it's all sad) skiing at A-Basin the last two days. Even less good news about how the junior racers are skiing, which is exactly like PSIA except a little faster and higher edge angle. So what are the similarities? Full upper body rotation, arm swing to compliment it and leaning away from an engaging ski, losing all the pressure as the arc continues. Oh yes, the PSIA crew has less angle and skids out of the arc, due to the lack of edge angle, using rotate instead. 

I'm afraid I have to tell everyone, that Warren Witherell was wrong. The racers no longer have a different way of skiing. So watching US Junior Racers, is no longer, "How the Racers's Ski" at least not like the best racers. USSA development and coaching are directly to blame and responsible for this in my opinion, and the facts support that.. The racers ski just like the PSIA gang, so do their coaches. 

Do we have a Development problem, Houston? 

Yes and it's coming directly from USSA and PSIA. We have nothing coming up in the ranks for the US Ski Team, no matter what the commentators say. Since when was there a second Slalom and GS skier regularly qualifying in slalom and GS on the women's side, to the obvious "one" we a very lucky to have? 

On the men's side it's little better, the chance of future prospects, we are still hanging onto Ligety. It's been almost 5 years since Bode, and no one before or after. I wonder what the brain trust in the Park City "Castle" is thinking about when they look at this situation? Is it, "We sure hope the cross country and snowboard team can pull us through???"

Typical of USSA development skiing. a wide unbalanced stance, rotated, and  leaning.

No answers coming out of Park city, they aren't even asking the questions, so don't look for any changes in the near future. 

If you follow my Blog or posts on Facebook, you will notice that I do comment, and point out that there are small pockets of good coaching in the USA. However these are the exception not the norm. These programs are usually dissociated from USSA coaching norms and techniques.

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