Sunday, May 8, 2016

Harald Harb, Reilly McGlashan! Two generations. Has skiing changed?.

I Until I was 19,  I skied in leather boots. When I was 14, I was still on wood skis. In my 6 decades of skiing I have never tried to ski a style or system.  It's always been about creating movements in my skiing. When your body creates movements and you understand those movements, you can ski any style or technique. You can adapt to any snow or race course.

Some people will be surprised to hear me say,  "I don't ski a system", because people think,"Don't you have the PMTS Direct Parallel ski teaching system"?  Yes, PMTS is the teaching system we use, however it's a movement based approach, not a patterned based, stylized, outcome system.  PMTS teaches movements that are, identifiable, recognizable, evolutionary and modifiable. Every movement in PMTS has a specific benefit in skiing. Focusing on the most important movement for your own skiing produces the quickest lasting results. PMTS coaches know how to identify movements that aren't in your skiing or movements that are not helping your skiing.

I never stop working on my skiing and that work is highly focused and derived from the efficient movements of world cup skiers. I know for example what exact change I want on any given day and I know exactly how to go about changing or improving what I want to see or how I want to end up. That is the beauty of accurate  movement based instruction.


Joe Fratianni said...


That behind the skier view is exactly what I saw skiing behind the late Manfred Overeager and what I saw skiing behind numerous Austrian Bergführer while going through many courses in ski touring and ski mountaineering in Austria.

I also love the behind the skier camera shots in your free skiing e-video. There is nothing that conveys the combination go power, grace and explosive mobility better. It is wonderful to watch the quiet upper body, the separation between legs and torso and precision and refinement that is shown by both of you in the lower legs. From the moment you plant your left pole, your left foot tips with your left knee separating from the right and both skies simultaneously releasing. I aspire to your level of attention, practice and mastery.

Thank you for all your your efforts with your books, internet postings & materials, videos, etc. They have been a clear, methodical, authentic resource for me and have aided me and continue to guide me in my fascination and love of skiing.


Unknown said...

My birth year is 1960... Who knows Harald's??? If Reilly is 30, Harald is 67...Wow!!! I desparately desire to enjoy skiing even after 10 years and more like him.