Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Harald Harb two runs on a foggy day.

The question came up on You Tube, "Am I skiing on the Dalbello DRS, now?" Yes. And it is a great boot. I have skied on Head 150 race boots for almost 10 years, and 2 years on Dodge, so it was time to try something new. I like the Head boots still, and also skied some Langes that I really like. 

However, nothing is as precise, powerful and strong as a 150 flex race shell. The 150 flex and narrow 93 last makes it very direct, and takes some serious effort and knowledge to make it an all day, everyday ski boot. I have skied 10 days out of 12 in the boot without serious issues. I'll refine it even more this summer, and by next season, it will be perfect. Not many ski shops sell or want to work with a boot like this, it takes serious effort and experience to set them up properly. I've tried three liners in the boot and have settled on a Lange 140 liner with some hard padding in the right places to make the fit. I have done extensive grinding and heat pushing on the shell to make it comfortable for all day skiing and teaching.

My new knee and some serious training have put some new energy into my skiing. I'm on a 170cm iSpeed 2017 Head. It's a great all-round ski. Here, in this video, I'm making slalom size turns, but the ski also does a great job off piste and is perfect for medium GS turns. It's 14.4 radius, which is a nice combo for many turns and the slightly wider under-foot 68 mm. This width makes for a really fun off piste ski as well.

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