Thursday, March 31, 2016

Harald Harb, Skiing new boots, new skis and new knee!

Got my boots dialed, Dalbello DRS 150. I like my new 2017 Head iSpeed Super Shapes, 170cm
                             Starting to ski like it's coming back, after a ski season of building strength. 


Icanski said...

Hi Harald,
I have to say that 99.9% of people would never look down from the chair and say, "that guy skis like he just had a knee replacement!"
It looks great and to get back to that level shows your commitment to positive recuperation and exercise. Given the high level of competence you are used to, I wonder if you ever got frustrated or felt that the new knee wasn't working well, or was taking too long. And do you have the same feeling of control or sensitivity to what your leg/feet are doing with each leg.
I know having gone through an ACL repair, I have a constant awareness of that knee when feels a bit different. I can imagine that's magnified with a knee replacement. Do you do anything differently than you did before, or have you had to adapt anything to accommodate those changes?
I ask because many skiers at some point in their skiing life, will undergo some sort of injury, surgery or replacement like this. Any thoughts on recovering, and getting back onto the boards, regaining confidence in your self and your technique?
Glad to see you back in form and on the slopes.
best regards,

Harald Harb said...

Hi John,

When I ski hard or for a few days in a row I take Celebrex still. I don't feel any different when actually skiing. I am more cautious in off piste and moguls this first season. I am not going for big angles in GS turns yet, that really loads up the knee. But I am more than satisfied. Next season year 2, it will be even better.