Saturday, January 16, 2016

A recovery isn't a technique, it's a reaction to an adverse situation.

On a Facebook web page, this turn is lauded as a great move. And USSA coaches are all over this and calling Gut such a great skier. And using this turn as an example for why or for the reason she is winning. 
Here is the contradictory or conflicting point of view. This is a deperation move, and an attempt to correct a really bad line and too much speed. Even with this completely adaptive correction, Gut totally screws up the timing for the next gate. She hammers the gate with her body and loses even more time. And still wins. 
It quite obvious that the level of skiing in the women's field is at a new low, without Anna Fenninger, Maze and others who are out this year, the quality is not there. USSA coaching has also hit a new low, there is nothing coming up in the development ranks. Women's development groups have nothing behind Shiffrin, the men take 10 years racing the WC, to make the top 30 second run cut, and those that do, have had to figure it out on their own. It's a dismal time for US skiing and the leadership at USSA doesn't exist to understand the fixes and requirements.

When slowing down, scrubbing speed, becomes the art form or the standard in ski racing, rather than skiing clean and fast! Skiing is in trouble. This exaggerated long skid didn't work at Flachau however.

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