Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to advance your Skiing!

From a biomechanics perspective, national ski instruction systems have never embraced the shaped or carving ski. From the beginning the skis offered the opportunity to change skiing for the public and make skiing much more engaging! The dark deep secret is, teaching systems don't get how the skis work. This is why they didn't change their approaches to teaching. If you try to slap old school thinking, to shaped skis, there is an immediate conflict.

If you focus on the old way, which is turning and driving the outside ski onto it's edge; you will never realize the full benefits of shaped skis. 

 What is the secret? The secret is to use the inside foot, ski and leg to achieve true biomechanics efficiency. Using the inside half of the body, to set up turns means, you will develop skeletal alignment. Using the outside leg breaks down efficiency and strength. Now don't confuse movement with balance, as many do. Use the inside half of the body for movement and the outside ski for balance to stand on. 
This video demonstrated by my partner Diana Rogers, will provide the doorway to the new way to ski. This is a big step, but only the first! 

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