Saturday, December 19, 2015

Extension or extending is ruining your skiing.

In many of my videos and instruction, I present how the tipping movements create "Essential", lower leg angles and solid balanced skiing on any terrain or in a race course. Watching skiers and young racers on all slopes; you will find what I do. Almost everyone extends and pushes off their skis to get out of turns or to start new turns.
By watching this short video you can immediately improve your skiing.

Extending, specifically at the point of transitioning from one turn to the other,  is highly detrimental to your skiing development, for numerous reasons.

1. While extending you are making your legs stiffen to the surface.
2. You are eliminating lower body angles.
3. You are creating pressure and getting stiff.
4. You are pushing yourself out of balance.
5. You are eliminating the short turn ability.
6. You are making skiing more complex and less balanced.

Learning to transition with bending legs, rather than extending, makes life so much easier. The bending action is a relaxation of the leg muscles; extending is pushing against gravity, which is tiring  and hard on the quads. It also puts more pressure on your knees and disconnects you from the surface. And this goes for skiing in all conditions. Learn to relax when skiing by giving in not pushing off, and you will find a whole new level of enjoyment.


Blip said...

Retraction!Active crossover!

Blip said...

Retraction = active crossover = earlier turn initiation = better turn speed as you approach the fall-line. I always set up Aamodt and Kjus's boots to take advantage of this.

Blip said...

Retraction leads to active crossover, which leads to earlier initiation of the turn, and which leads to better gravity-assisted speed as you turn into the fall-line. I always set up Aamodt and Kjus's boots to take advantage of this, they did the rest.