Monday, November 30, 2015

Mikaela Shiffrin made some good changes in her slalom.

Here Mikaela Shiffrin is counter acted just before the release of her edges. Her next movement is to bend or flex the out side leg and tip the skis to the new angles or new edges.

The key here is her counter acting, she is holding it longer, developing more than last season. By holding it longer she develops more snap and rebound from the skis. She also loads the ski faster and has a shorter arc.

If you look further down this page you will see the comparison to her GS skiing. In GS she has not yet developed this same ability. In the PMTS system, we teach Counter Acting, it's one of the Essentials. In "PMTS Racer Development",  we coach counteracting to eight and nine year olds, so they have it down by the time they are 12.

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