Monday, October 19, 2015

Technical Comparison of many national Demo Teams.

This is a corridor and no other pre-set skiing parameters were asked for in these runs. How do you analyze the quality of the skiing in this case?

PMTS Direct Parallel has some basic skiing criteria for any free skiing situation and they are not restrictive or arduous. The basic skiing criteria for free skiing include:

-Staying in control
-Using the tool
-Efficiency for movement
Staying in Balance

This is the criteria  I would use to go about rating or analyzing the skiing in these runs.


Unknown said...

To me it looks like most of them did not pull back the inside ski, they just lifted it flat to the snow. Some were stemming. BTW I should talk, there's no way I would look that good on a black run.

Harald Harb said...

You are right, there are many technical failures in this skiing. I am rather surprised as these are supposed to be the best demonstrators of technical prowess, on any snow and on any skis?