Sunday, September 13, 2015

National Demo Team Skiing Comparison.

              Compare the skiing of 3 demo teams below. These are their national teaching system's best. I think that is why they are selected?

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Don't know which team this is?

Aussi Team

Australian demo Team in Blue

PMTS Team (Primary Movements Teaching System)

PSIA Demo Team. Trying to pick the best turns for each group.

PMTS 5 years ago
 PSIA demo Team at Interski last week.

PMTS Demo Team

Austrian Demo Team

PMTS Demo Team

               These are all Diana and me skiing together for the first time in video and photos.
                                             No practice, no rehearsal.


Unknown said...

Unbelievably BAD skiing by the Americans. At least the Australians look like they can ski despite the poor alignment.

Harald Harb said...

For more discussion about this topic you can join the PMTS forum.

There is also a link on this page.

Seattle skier said...

I am impressed by the Australian skiers at Interski. Is this PMTS. If not, what are the differences that you notice?

Harald Harb said...

The Australian Demo Team skiers for sure know PMTS. In my opinion, they have made huge progress in their skiing in the last 2 to 3 seasons. They are the closest to pure skiing of all the nations. Reilly and Paul, flex their legs and tip their feet to acquire edge angles. They also absorb the energy and can carve the whole turn. You rarely see them being bounced around or out of balance. I know also they are students of boot alignment methods most don't know about. For sure the US Demo Team has no idea, it is obvious by what the videos show, they ski with hacked up recoveries, inconsistency from one turn to the next, and out of balance skiing.