Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fenninger uses Counter Acting and Relaxation to power up her GS.

Click on the link below, to see slow motion of Fenninger increasing her hip and shoulder counter acting through the arc. Notice how she also advanced the inside arm and shoulder. These are conscious movements most racers, don't learn, and mostly do the opposite, by rotating and squaring up through the arc.                                      


Key other movements:

-Relaxing the inside leg and bending it to keep building the angles on the outside ski.
-Increasing the tipping angles of the inside ski into the turn.
-Keep the inside ski back, accelerating the outside carving ski.

As a ski coach you have to know who to build the fundamentals to achieve this technique. This is modern world cup ski technique and without the ability to use these movements, in this era, you are severely handicapped in your development.

These are all World Cup movements I write about in my Book, coach at my camps, and show in my videos, "The Essentials of Skiing".

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