Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I would be ashamed if involved in a national system that produced this skiing.

Since the PSIA Demo Team has shown that they and their coaches don't know how to do "Movement Analysis", on their own skiing, this should help them see skiing in a clearer light.

According to "PSIA", and the Demo Team this is the best they can offer. It is the culmination of their ski technique showing their prowess  as skiers and their technique. 

 According to PSIA this is good skiing. According to anyone else's standards this is intermediate skiing. Notice there is no balance shown or angles developed, yes knee "A" frame is all you see, the rest of the body is vertical. There is something seriously wrong  with a system that doesn't support putting the skis on edge.
 Even according to PSIA standards: An intermediate skier is one who still has a wedge entry and doesn't yet ski parallel.
 So here is the Demo Team skiing together and training.  These are Wedge Christie turns not parallel turns of expert skiers. (Don't be confused, they were not trying to Demonstrate Wedge Christie turns in these runs.)
 Stem finish to the turn.
 Two stems,  both skis in different directions.
 A stem at the top of the turn.
 A down stem at the bottom of the turn.
Their are enough photos here to demonstrate these are not one time or fluke occurrences, this is happening in every turn.

My question is; if you can't make parallel turns, or ski parallel, with your best skiers, using  your own technique, how can you teach others to make parallel turns?

Remember this is what USSA has endorsed to use with your junior racers and their coaching.


Loki1 said...

This is one of the stupidest posts I've ever seen. To attack an entire national system based on a few pictures stolen and re-posted, I'm sure without consent, is ridiculous! You should know better Harold. This post only make you look sad.

Crawford Pierce said...

Sadly, you are right.

PS I guess this is why the Argentines were able to win last year.

Poepping said...

Yep and when i took my level 3 one examiner lifted her inside ski in every turn in every demo. The other pushed his feet and parked and rode. I was spot on with my movement analysis affected those i with my lesson plan for them. Yet i failed both my teaching and skiing.

I questioned the examiner on their demos and they where called or repeatedly during the exam.

Their response. We Need to do a better job and remember this is s process. I am a 400 level coach with 25 years of experience.

Yet psia wonders why it's members think all they want is our money.

Harald Harb said...
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Harald Harb said...

Loki1, you are very late to the party, there are thousands of observers, pictures and photos that are exposing the poor quality of the PSIA skiing and the demo team. They are all over You Tube. Thousands have seen what you are obviously blind too. Know your audience, before you make uninformed comments. What my post does is expose people like you, who obviously have no persecutive for the world of skiing and have a very limited understanding of quality skiing.

Harald Harb said...

And if anyone else wants to comment about how good the skiing is by the PSIA demo team, there are more articles and pictures (frames), further up on my Blog!!!!

Unknown said...

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