Thursday, May 21, 2015

Perfecting your skiing movements during the summer! Kaz gets it right!

                      Kaz is the Far West Region 14 and under overall champion. 

Kaz is one of the California group of great little skiers I've been coaching for the last 7 years. 
We have been doing racing summer camps at Mt Hood for the last 4 summers, and this group will be there again this summer in July.

One of the key transformations for Kaz this season was upgrading his boots to a 115 flex last all. Many coaches think this is too stiff, well if you know how to use the right movements to keep your feet under you, there is no boot too stiff. There is no excuse, a coach needs to know how it works to get kids forward over their skis, and it's not by putting them in soft kiddie boots.
You will notice how his feet are behind his hips, his inside foot is back lined up with his outside boot. This is not a coincidence and it's mandatory for top level skiing. These are learned movements. And not done by moving your hips forward or extending your hips up and forward. Feet back is one of the key elements we work on constantly with the PMTS Racing Development Techniques at Harb Ski systems. We have unique ways to achieve this most important aspect of skiing, so rarely done correctly.
                                                               Podium Man

                              Kaz with his winning GS form, not Hirscher yet, but well on the way..

Our Training philosophy:

Our camps are private, and not offered to the public. They are offered by special request and for invited athletes. We are not one of the mass-production camps that stays at Mt Hood for the whole summer. We are interested in working with highly-motivated athletes who want the best coaching and educational experience. Our involvement with attending athletes is usually long-term: once they experience PMTS race training, they want to continue with that program and level of coaching. We provide a technical skiing base and technical understanding of skiing that the athletes will carry with them as they evolve as skiers and racers. This is not just a week's ski camp experience; it's an education for their lives in skiing. 

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