Thursday, March 19, 2015

Marcel Hirscher, about to set a new World Cup Ski record.

Marcel Hirscher closes in on FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup overall title

Is this the turning point in Marcel Hirscher career? Is it time to focus on Super G and GS, and leave slalom behind. What are the advantages and disadvantages? GS and Super G skis are similar. GS is great training for Super G and vice versa. Slalom is the outlier in alpine ski racing. Skis are totally different and the turns are tight and results unpredictable. Slalom requires the most training to hold a top 3 finishing position. 
It makes sense from an energy expenditure stand point to use Super G as the second event to GS; if you are going for your 5th straight overall world cup title in a row (next season). It's one run and no practice on that run needed, you are in and out. Easy points?? If you can ski like Hirscher, yes.
It will be interesting. My feelings are that Hirscher likes the slalom turns, and he likes the athletic requirements of slalom. It would be a loss to ski racing not having him in top form for slalom. He also may see leaving slalom as a copout for achieving his historical overall wold cup legacy. I'm sure he wants to do it his way, win slaloms and GS. But what is the smartest way to do it. Stenmark was able to do it, but he didn't win 4 World Cup overall titles in a row. Hirscher has not yet, but at this writing, the odds are definitely in his favor. He can always, from time to time run a Super G to get insurance points. Either way, it will be very interesting to watch history in the making.


Unknown said...

consider, however, that were literally stolen at least 3 cups of the world from the absurd system of ranking, to the poor Ingo.

sario said...

Stenmark won only 3 world cup because the rules were against him. He could sum only three results in SL and three in GS. How could he win?