Sunday, February 1, 2015

Are you always working on your skiing??

Marcel Hirscher at 14
The biggest change he made was getting his feet closer and more organized as he matured, especially with releasing for the transition. Otherwise his upper body is still the same.

Harald at 62

Harald at 65, my biggest changes are in upper body discipline, inside hand more forward in the arc and earlier outside preparation of the no swing pole tap.

I have to chuckle when I hear from ski instructors that my skiing is old school. Sorry, but if you look at these photos my skiing evolves every year. I am constantly watching and changing my body movements. Especially relationships of counter acting (facing toward the the outside ski) and my inside arm and hand. This all adds up to better counter acting and "holding" of counter acting at release and transition. My skiing has gotten better over the last 6 years because I am following the evolution of ski technique on the world cup by the best skiers. I constantly work on my skiing and on our teaching system based on how the best do it.
The only "old" school I see is from snowplowing and PSIA up movements and rotation. Now that is truly old school,  amazing how little understanding and ability there is to do correct movement analysis out there in the ski world.


Unknown said...

Hi Harald. Are you coming out to Montana in March? Let's make some more photos.

Harald Harb said...

I'd love to do more photos with you. I'll let you know about my schedule.

Unknown said...

Harald - you are critical about PSIA/etc use of "rotation". Can you provide examples of where you see rotation being promoted? I hear lots of use of the term stacked in ski racing circles, which might be viewed as part of the way between "countered" and rotated but I'm not hearing an advocacy of rotation - examples?