Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Anna Fenninger World Champion, shows us it's not weight or pressure that makes the difference.

Most skiers develop early angles then stop tipping, to make it worst they think they need to straighten the out side leg, which just makes the ski bounce or chatter. You saw that in almost all the skiers in this run, except Anna. 

Tipping your leg isn't a position, it should be a continuous movement. First with bent legs, then with hip counter, then more lower body tipping and relaxing. It's an intricate set of movements and combination of relaxation and foot and ankle lateral movements. I'm not saying it's easy, or everyone would do it. Hirscher isn't as supple at it as Anna.
It's not your weight or your size either, that makes a World and Olympic champion. Anna Fenninger is the first to win both, back to back. It's her ability to tip her skis, relax her legs and flex to in crease the ski angles and absorb the energy, that makes the difference.

 Coaches always talk about pressuring the ski early and "got to be softer boots to flex the boot". Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!!! Anna is 5-3" and weighs about 120 wet. Lindsey Vonn has 50 pounds on her.
Proper technique and tipping ability that is what creates pressure at the right time and you don't have to be heavy or big to get it done. Notice the counter acting on this girl, no leaning and no rotation. I called this women out as a champion years ago, and if you follow this Blog you know so. It's no secret to me that she was going to be very special, how did I know? She finishes the turn like no one else. Bigger angles through tipping her skis. Harb Ski Systems, with the PMTS method has been coaching this for decades, yet USSA and PSIA, know little about this and don't teach it. And you know what, they don't care, or they would have asked?  But you can ask and you can learn how to get it done with PMTS and Harb Ski Systems..

PMTS trained skier shows angles developed in  turn through relaxed flexing and tipping. Not with extension and rotation.

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