Monday, January 12, 2015

Slalom Skiing with a narrow stance is not only fast, but wins the day.

These are clips of Gross in the least 10 turns on the steepest section of the Adelboden slalom.
Doug Lewis says: "He needs to widen his stance on the steep."

Really Doug, it's one thing to make incorrect statements about technique, it's totally another to have bad eyesight. Gross doesn't widen his stance, if it does get wider, it's in vertical distance not horizontal distance. A coach should know the difference and how to achieve the correct relationship.

 This world cup winner has a narrower stance than most kids under 14 that I see in racing programs. Under 14 year olds usually have much narrower hips than a world cup racer like Gross. So who is telling kids to widen their stance, beyond what world cup skiers are using, it's from USSA coaches and PSIA coaching.
Will someone please tell Doug lewis that skiing at this level or any level in technical events isn't about getting early pressure or about your "style". Pressure in skiing is totally dependent on achieving angles. Achieving angles is about and comes from tipping your boots and skis on edge. This is more efficient when done while bent or flexed, because when you are bent or flexed you stay on the snow and you have greater range of motion in your legs to achieve higher angles. With angles and tipping of the legs, pressure is developed. Maybe someone can pass this on to Doug, so he can get a better idea of skiing biomechanics and what racers are actually trying to achieve.