Thursday, January 22, 2015

Difference between squaring up and counter-acting.

How is it that at this level of skiing that basic fundamental movement principles are still not addressed by US Ski Team coaches.

What do I think?? I think David Chodunsky can and should have been a top 5 slalom skier. This is a common outcome on his right turn, left leg. It means 1/2 his turns he is either recovering or losing time. This is worth at least a second a run not to mention consistency.

David has been on the ski team for years and no one has been able to address this issue, let alone see it.

Doug Lewis used this photo on Universal sports, to show how far David was from the gate. That isn't the issue, the issue is why?
What happens when you can't or don't know you need to create counter acting in your skiing?
1. Your outside hip swings out, so you skid.
2. Your ski tail doesn't hold.
3. Your weight ends up on the inside ski.
4. Your stance gets too wide.
5. You lean into the turn.

This all happens if you don't have just one of the 5 "Essentials of Skiing", not working for you. In this example, it's the counter-acting Essential.

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