Friday, November 28, 2014

Learning Counter-acting like the best in the world, is a necessity for developing racers.

Mikaela Shiffrin (below): 

Here are two of the best slalom skiers of our time. Upper body level and hips counter acted. From here you can do anything, change balance to the uphill ski edge like Mikaela is doing or continuing to carve an arc to load the ski like Marlis Schild
Below William is practicing the exercise that achieves what these world cup skiers are doing.

For a complete  "pedagogical" (step by step movements building for a prescribed outcome)  to counter-acting awareness for kids and racers; check this web page for a downloadable videos.

Clearly here Mikaela shows inside hand and shoulder discipline, while holding her hips counter-acted for the edge and balance transfer.

Marlis Schild

For slalom everyone needs to block the pole, however so few do it without losing edge hold. reaching for the pole causes lose of energy and ski rebound. Not how Marlis keeps her hips and inside arm strong while ready to block the pole. This is not a natural movement it requires training exercises and learning.

This is William practicing one of the exercises that will develop upper body and hip relationships that these world cup skiers are using.

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