Sunday, January 22, 2017

PMTS Harb Ski Systems, "Building an Expert Skier!"

                                 Developing proper Counter Acting

                                             First photo: Up-side down on the slope! 
                         Watch the jacket, zipper line, relative to the ski direction and angle. 

                                                   Above the falline

              Also, look at the top of the skis, to see the angles developing off the base of support,  the "SKIS" which  increase in angle when they show the tops.


                                                  At the Apex of the turn!

 As the angles of the body and skis increase the upper body increases it's counter acting. The upper body looks like it never changes where it's facing, however the skis are making a radical arc and direction change.

                                                  Just at the point of releasing!

 The upper body and hips are increasing, their counter acting, relative to the ski direction changes.
This is what instructors, and ski systems don't understand, they just tell you, or say,  "Face down hill, well that's not it.! Counter acting is a movement that you have to create with the turning or counter acting movements of the hips and torso.

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