Sunday, January 22, 2017

Counter acting, hip flexibility no one talks about.

To be a great skier you need incredible amount of hip flexibility. To be a very good skier and advanced skier, you need "some" hip flexibility, and counter acting, without it you will suffer. 

Watching the world cup's best skiers shows that these athletes are not only amazingly strong, thick muscled, but very flexible with the hips. More directly, they can twist their hips back away from the direction of the skis. This ability give you stronger edge hold, new turn preparation and "Super Phantom", little toe edge holding ability. 

In everyone of these photos, my skiing shows hips counter acted. And as with the best skiers in the world, you see the same hip to ski relationship. Remember many announcers and instructors get this relationship incorrect. They state it incorrectly as well, and they define it incorrectly. It's not where your hips face relative to the falline or bottom of the mountain, it's where your hips face relative to where your skis are pointed.
Here, Hirscher shows the line across the front of  his hips almost parallel with his skis.

My hips are facing my outside ski boot, not toward the tip of the skis. keep your outside pole tip behind you boots this will greatly help your development of counter acting. 

My left hip is back my pole tip pointed straight downhill chest and shoulders are facing toward my outside ski boot.

Marcel's hips again show extraordinary counter acting. 

Mikaela's hips face toward the right, her skis are pointed left. Her inside hand, pole tip and arm are forward ahead of teh inside hip.

Below, this is not counter acting, this is square, leaning and "A" framed, inside foot weighted, with no tipping. PSIA Demo Team.

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