Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hirscher wins his 40th World Cup race.

Matt 2nd, Schwartz was 2nd after 1st run, slide out in 2nd run. Feller was 5th. The Austrians have 4 or 5 guys now who can win slalom and it all happened in 1 year after Mario retired. And what's wrong with our development program in the USA??? One, doesn't exist!

Again, but this time he has company. Last season you saw it starting; the resurgence of Austrian men's slalom. Only a year after 2 time world champ Mario Matt retired. It looked like Hirscher was going it alone. However, in one year, the Austrians now have 3 or 4 slalom skiers who can win. How do they keep doing it?

When Tiger Shaw came into USSA 3 years ago, I heard lots of, "We can be the best in the world!"  from the his team in Park City. Sasha, Head Men's coach said, '"Our guys are as fast as anyone or faster", and gave the frame work of how slalom skiing should be done.. 

Meanwhile the Austrians didn't talk, they only produced a world cup dominant slalom team in 2 years. And it's just the beginning, they aren't even firing on all cylinders yet!

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